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Anshu Johri: Co-Founder of Udgam Media & Publishing LLC, Anshu is also the editor of Udgam-An online hindi literary magazine. She directed and staged two plays in bay area one of which she co-authored with Lokesh Johri. She has also acted in several plays as a member of Naatak which is a theatre group in bay area. Her published works include a collection of short stories called " Shesh Phir..." and a semi-epic poem called "Khule Prishtha". Her collection of hindi poems called "Kuchh pattiyaan, Kuchh panktiyan" is under publication.

Besides conceptualizing "Uphaar",  Anshu is also co-hosting the show.



Lokesh Johri: Co-founder of Udgam media & Publishing LLC, Lokesh is also co-editor of Udgam. He has written short stories and articles on socio-economic and political issues which were published in Udgam. He also co-authored the play "Talaash Vajoodon ki..." with Anshu. He was involved with the production work and sound effects of couple of plays which were staged in the bay area.

He is co- hosting Uphaar and is involved with the production and the associated sound effects.

Ashish Joshi: Ashish has acted in several Hindi, Marathi and English plays in San Francisco/Bay area and India. He has compeered live-to-air English music programs for 4 years on the FM channel of All India Radio Mumbai. He composes Shaayari in Urdu and is a learner of Hindustani Vocal Music. He is also perfecting his acting skills at American Conservatory theatre, San Fransisco. 

Ashish is co-hosting Uphaar and is involved with the production of the shows and marketing. 



Rajiv Nema: He has been an integral part of NAATAK, an Indian theatre group based in San Francisco/Bay Area for last 8 years, and has acted in 10 plays and 2 feature films. He has also been active with other Bay Area theatre groups such as The Shotgun Players, Asian American Theatre Company, Ashore and Arth. He has done TV Commercials and has hosted radio shows. He won "Best Actor Award"   in 1990 at REC Warangal in an All-India Collegiate Meet.

Rajiv is co-hosting Uphaar and is involved with the production and publicity of the shows.

Sareeka Malhotra: She made her Bay Area acting debut in Feb 2002 with Anshu Johri's hindi play under the Naatak banner. She has been involved in several theater productions and readings with other reputed groups such as Ashore productions, Woman's Will, and Asian American Theater Company. Her recent work included "As you like it" (Shakespeare in the park). She has hosted a few shows of a community show on KTSF showcasing Bay Area happenings. Besides acting, her interests also lie in poetry and music. Several of her poems have been published in Udgam.

Sareeka is co-hosting Uphaar and is involved in the production of the shows.







Sukanya Mehra: Sukanya has acted in plays for Naatak, Theater Rasa Nova and FOSA (Friends of South Asia). She has also done stage design, stage management, anchored a TV interview and acted in a community based commercial within bay area. She scribbles poetry, dabbles on canvas and often talks to the mirror :-). Her art works and paintings have been published in the Toolika section of Udgam. She flaunts herself on her web site. http://www.aynakus.com

Sukanya is one of the hosts for Uphaar and she is also involved with voiceovers, production of ads and the technical production of the shows.

Chhavi Ahuja: Chhavi has been involved in acting and production of plays with Naatak and Ashore in the Bay area, and in other countries for the last several years. She has had a passion for Indian film music for as far back as her memory goes, and she claims that she grew up on a diet of  songs. Presently, Chhavi is taking her passion a step further by  taking formal lessons in Hindustani Vocal Music. She has also hosted other radio shows in the past. Her other interests include reading,  writing, traveling and learning new languages. 

Chhavi is one of the hosts for Uphaar and is involved in the production, marketing and publicity of the shows.






Anil Sahai: Anil has acted in many plays in school and college as well as has hosted shows for All India Radio  in Lucknow and has done talk shows for Delhi Doordarshan. He has  written several comedy plays,  skits and short comedy poems reflecting upon life and relationships.  He is also a very good Congo player and is an active member of Manoranjan which is an Arts and Performance group of Bay Area.

Anil is one of the hosts for Uphaar.

Shruti Tewari: Shruti has hosted shows for All India Radio, New Delhi, and Madras Doordarshan,  She has acted in or written several plays both in the US and India and thrives on the performing arts in various forms. Over the last year she has hosted several community events, staged dance shows, performed stand-up comedy acts and written for spoken-word performances staged at Stanford and Berkeley. She has also been involved in writing lyrics for songs in Hindi that are currently being recorded for an upcoming album. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the violin or locking heads with her kids over a game of chess.
Shruti is excited to be a part of the Uphaar team. She is one of the co-hosts of Uphaar