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Udgam: The hindi literary magazine

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Antaakshri   11/21/2004  antaakshri between two hosts  prog1.ram
Dheere  dheere.. 11/28/2004 Poetry renderings and songs with word Dheere prog2.ram
Vah jo atoot  nahi 12/05/2004 A story by Anshu Johri interwoven with songs prog3.ram
Gulzar aur Geet  12/12/2004 Songs composed by Gulzar prog4.ram
Pitaara  12/19/2004  Songs which have a guest language besides hindi prog5.ram
Jaate jaate  12/26/2004 Farewell to 2004 prog6.ram
Natkhat Naya  Paanch  01/02/2005  Welcome 2005 prog7.ram
Ek Baahar  01/09/05  A radio play interwoven with songs prog8.ram
Pancham ke sur  01/16/05 Songs by R.D Burman  prog9.ram
Ye bhi aur vo bhi 01/23/05 Songs of Actors who are also singers  prog10.ra
Sa ni sa re, re ga ma pa 01/30/05 An intro to concepts of classical music with songs  prog11.ram
Unke Khath  02/05/05  Letters and songs prog12.ram
Basanti Geet  02/13/05 Songs catered for romantic cravings  prog13.ram
Nau Aur Do Gyaarah  02/20/05  Songs and the 9 rasas explaing human moods  prog14.ram
Rajdhani Express  02/27/05  Songs and a quick tour of Delhi  prog15.ram
Email   03/06/05  Songs interwoven in a story by Anshu Johri  prog16.ram
Baatcheet Kishoreji se.. 03/13/05  Songs by Kishore Kumar  prog17.ram
Kuchh Alag 03/20/05  Non-filmy songs  prog18.ram
Aari Aur Kataari ki kaari  03/27/05  Fun songs and funny  presentaion  prog19.ram


Indradhanush  04/03/05  Songs based on colours  prog20.ram
Amitabh Phenomenon  04/10/05  Songs related to Amitabh Bachchan prog21.ram
Sugam Aano  04/17/05 Songs & Kerela prog22.ram
Chaandni  04/24/05  Songs on Chaandni  prog23.ram
Ghunghroo  05/01/05  Songs related to dances prog24.ram
BollywoodFormula  05/08/05  Songs with formula story  prog25.ram
Kaise Bhi!  05/15/05  A story interwoven with songs  prog26.ram
Aaina 05/21/05 Hindi songs with inspiring counterparts  prog27.ram
Uphaar 05/29/05 Bye for now! prog28.ram

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