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Feedback from our listeners


I heard the pgm and felt good listening to the old goodies. Thanks for the info. Will try to make it a habit to tune in every Sunday.

Savitha                                                             11/21/2004


Bada mazaa aaya. Well done!  Live show sunne me
mazaa aata hai. Kya aap live farmaish bhi poori karenge? 

Sharvari Dixit                                   11/21/2004    


I had read the story "Vah Jo Atoot nahi" before on www.udgam.com but it sounded so good hearing you guys emote it. I couldn't wait for the songs to get over to hear the next part of the story. Really. Keep up the good show. At least now I have a radio show I can listen to. It is not the same listening to one's own recorded show.
-Mamta Sinha,                                      12/05/04

Co-host "Bigger Than Bollywood" radio show on KZSU                                                                           

I happen to listen to the archives of 11/21 and 11/28
clips and they are good. It made me nostalgic. Keep
up the good work, Anshu and Ashish..


Ravi                                                        12/08/2004


Hello Uphaar team,
First of all, a quick note to congratulate you on excellent programming, and a great job on your weekly radio programs! ....You are presenting a very novel approach to radio programming- truly an ideal ‘uphaar’ for one hour every Sunday!


Chhavi                                                      12/08/2004


Hello Uphar organizers, 

Wanted to congratulate you for a good show this Sunday. The songs were very unique although not very well known. I simply loved Sarika's voice and style of talking. Keep doing the good work.

~Ajay                                                          12/13/2004


Dear Uphaar team:

....I was listening to your archives as I am in Chicago, I would one line"
"Yaar maja aa gaya gaane sun kar"
Very good collection of songs.

Good Luck guys.
Best Regrads,
Dave                                                          12/17/2004


Hi Anshu and Sareeka:
I have been catching a few of the programs. And am currently listening to an archived program. Its really different from what's out there. Keep it up. 

Ranjita                                                    12/28/2004


" .... i was listening to your program on January 3rd and was in splits listening to the sindhi and marwari, gosh! you are so talented! i also love your cute shairis and all that you have to say. i enjoyed your creativity
and the dialogs....
very happy new year!
best wishes,
Papiha                                                    01/03/05 (President, Voice Of India, 
Radio Broadcasting Network)" 

I am a listener of your radio show, and like it a lot.
I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to add a section to your weekly show which features a local talent?...Thanks for putting together a great radio show, and all the best wishes for it.
thanks & regards,                               01/14/05
- Satyajit -


...It was fun quizzing on uphaar:)
Your song selection is awesome and more so, I like
that you speak as much good Hindi as possible and not
anglicized Hindi.
Keep up the good work.

Sirisha                                                  01/24/05

Liked this program very much. It was a wonderful idea
to invite an expert. It turned out to be a very
informative and enjoyable program. I'd say your
program is by far the best in all Hindi Radio
programs. Keep up the good work.
Monica.                                                01/30/05

Dear Anshu,
I'm sitting and listening to your radio show and truly, its wonderful. Bahoot mazaa aa raha hai. I have a major interview tomorrow morning and I cant think of a better thing I could have done to relax and stop worrying about tomorrow.
~Caesar                                                    02/05/05

Hi Anshu ,
.... I have been listening to Uphaar for a while and it sounds goooood 

Rajat Sharma                                                    02/20/05


Hi Uphaar Team,

Thanx for hosting such a wonderful live programme. We enjoy the theme of the programme as well as the music. The selection is also good.
Best wishes.
Swagata                                                        03/06/2005

Hi Uphaar Folks,
I am regular listener of Uphaar program. I regularly tune into your program on Sunday's. I have also listened to all your archived programs at Udgam.com.
I like the program format where you folks weave beautiful songs with a beautiful story.
-Sachin                                                         03/08/05


I just finished hearing your archived Uphaar show.... I liked your presentation format immensely and clearly it appealed to my utter dilliness from the DTC ride to the vagabond seetee....Ihope you present many more of these, and do let me know, I'd love to listen when you host.
Shruti                                                           03/08/05

hi Guys,
It’s nice to hear your radio show on Sunday. I especially like it the most when you guys have a Natak as part of the show and interweave it with old and new songs based on the situation. Keep up the good work......

....Listen to you again,
Guru                                                              03/11/05

Namaste Anshu and Lokesh ji,
This is me Surbhi your every week listener and also your one of the winners !! I like your show very much. I'm shocked to see an Indian community expanding their roots in America.. Specially on FM Radio .. When i was in India (new delhi) i used to listen Radio mirchi, radio city, and red FM .. But when i came here i heard from my mausiji that this one show comes on 96.1 FM every Sunday .. From that day i started listen to your show..

Surbhi Singh                                                   03/13/05

While I was *Googling* for something I came across archives of your show, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard! I had heard a lot about your Radio show, but never got a chance to listen to it during the regular scheduled time. Thank you very much for making your shows available on the 'Net. Now every week I will go to the archive page and listen to the previous show.
You have put together a very talented team. Keep up the Great work and Thanks again!
- Ajay                                                            03/18/05

Uphaar is an excellent show and I am a regular listener. Keep up with the great work.
Dr.Reena Gupta                                             04/01/05

Hi Anshu,
Thanks for calling up about the community centers passes. Really appreciate it. I again wanted to reiterate the fact that your show is like a breath of fresh air. Its not only about the songs, but personally I also look forward to the theme you interweave the songs with. Whether its antakshari, indradhanush, or a story beautifully told, its an hour on Sunday that my husband and me thoroughly enjoy.

Thanks again for bringing something so novel to us. 

Ekta Agarwal                                                  04/05/05


I really enjoy your show.Keep up with great work.
Prashant                                                            04/05/05