Udgam welcomes your short stories, articles , poems, paintings and photographs for publication. This is a reader's magazine and has succeeded only with creative contributions from it's esteemed readers. Nonetheless, Udgam's editors are extremely conscious of maintaining a high literary quality. Please do not send matter which has already been published on the net.

You can send your contributions to us through email. We accept contributions in Udgam and Susha fonts.If you want to send them using some other fonts please inquire before sending your entries. Alternatively you can also send your contributions through snail-mail. Those who wish to send us through snail mail, please enquire at editor@udgam.com.

If you want to send your paintings or photographs for "Toolika" please do not send images more than 100KB.Your painting should not be a copy or replica of someone else's painting. Please do give a title and a short description is more than welcome.

Apart from this if you have innovative ideas or  a craving for creativity seeking expressions do let us know, for we are there waiting for people like you...

Use of Udgam fonts

When you download the SetupUdgam.exe and execute it (by double clicking it in Windows Explorer, of course!) it would create a directory called "Udgam" in C:\. This directory contains keyboardmapping.rtf, which has all the instructions on how to use the udgam fonts. This file could be opened by double clicking it in the Windows Explorer. This file is in a generic wordprocessor file format, which could be read by any Windows wordprocessor, including Wordpad, MicrosoftWord (any version), WordPerfect etc.

If you have any difficulty in downloading or using the fonts please e-mail to: fonthelp@udgam.com.


Send all your entries to editor@udgam.com as an e-mail attachment. You could zip it, if the file is too big.