To view UDGAM on UNIX system do the following

1) In your home directory make a directory called Udgam.

2) Copy the three files fonts.dir, fonts.upr , Udgam.pfa, and README in Udgam directory

These are compressed files.Uncompress them DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF THE FILES

3) cd Udgam

4) Open the file fonts.upr and modify the path in //dsk4/users/anshu/hindi to //your home dir/Udgam

5)Execute the following commands on the prompt

                       xset fp+ `pwd`                     (These are back quotes and are generally above ESC button)

                      xfd -fn "-unkown-udgam-normal-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1"

Doing xfd should pop up a window with hindi letters in it.Click on one of the characters and quit.This readme file

will be available in Udgam directory   SO.......

Now exit netscape and reopen it.Go to Options->General Preferances->Fonts->Use the proportionsl fonts

and choose Udgam from there. Go to and you can read it in hindi. Once you see hindi fonts you'll

see all ENLISH instructions also in Hindi.However now you can change the fonts to Times Roman or whatever you


However not all letters of hindi are available on UNIX.This is because of some technical difficulties because some

keys are defined using ALT keys, ESC keys which are not compatible with font standard of UNIX or that is what

I feel. everthless you can largely view the magazine. For any difficulties in downloading the fonts send mail to

Our special thanks to Nidheesh Dubey for his help to view on Unix machine.